Our multipurpose facility and qualified brokers and agents enable us to handle an array of customs and Biosecurity requirements. Not only do we organise the international portion of the journey we can also co-ordinate customs and Biosecurity requirements on home soil prior to departure or entry. Why deal with multiple agents for one shipment when you can have one agent organise everything for you.


Customs Clearance & Brokerage – Import ( Air& Sea Freight)

Customs Clearance is an important factor that needs to be treated accordingly. Genuine knowledge and experience in the field of international trade is paramount. Importing into the Australian market can be a beneficial venture for the importer, however, if handled inappropriately can lead to a costly and time-consuming exercise. Link Logistics International Pty Ltd specialises in the customs clearance of all modes of transport while also preparing and lodging documents to the Department of Agriculture. Furthermore, we facilitate onsite customs and Biosecurity requirements Australia Wide.

Documentation required for customs clearance of commercial Sea or Air freight consignments:

  • – A copy of the Airway Bill, or Bill of Lading. Seaway Bills or Express are preferred for quick release of cargo.
  • – A completed Packing Declaration (sea freight only)
  • – Commercial invoice/s.
  • – Packing list/s
  • – Any certificate/s of origin or Free Trade Agreement (FTA) statements that may be applicable.
  • – A fumigation certificate which should be presented to us for any wooden packaging or wooden items that have been shipped. Fumigation not required for plywood or MDF board.

* Further Documentation may be required based on commodity.


Biosecurity – Import (Air & Sea Freight)

With the on-going threat of pest and diseases imported into Australia, Biosecurity (formally AQIS) demands a high level of involvement in the protection against the illegal entry of biosecurity threats into the country which could jeopardise the Australian economy and environment. Link Logistics co-ordinates with Biosecurity where applicable to comply with and understand the Act and Regulations that govern imported goods. It is essential that clearance through Biosecurity authorities on arrival is carefully planned and considered well ahead of time. Link Logistics International Pty Ltd has a network of reliable contractors and Quarantine Approved Premises who promptly attend to your cargo so it will be released by Biosecurity with minimal delays.


Biosecurity – Export (Air & Sea Freight)

We understand the importance of Biosecurity requirements; we also know just how confusing it can be navigating the differing laws of the international community, as each border has its singular set of extras and export rules. Our staff can assist with guidelines and documentation should you have any goods ready to export.

  • – Customs Bondstore 77G warehouse Licence
  • – Quarantine Approved Premises (QAP)
  • – Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA)
  • – Authorised Officers for the Department of Agriculture (3 personnel)
  • – Security Screening

Link Logistics is an Expert Customs Clearance Broker Australia. Our efficient Clearance Broker provides
comprehensive customs clearance services for  International Imports and  Exports in Australia.

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